Inspiring and developing your current & future leaders.

Using real life and real learning to raise self awareness, develop skill and enhance performance of individuals and teams.

Positive Impact Profile

A profile specifically designed for leaders to raise awareness of their own strengths and  weaknesses, as seen by team members and colleagues.

Stage 1-PIP (Positive Impact Profile) conducted and completed.

The PIP gives you very real results on your behaviors and culture that, when developed, actually make a difference to your performance. The profile focuses on areas that we control, like body language and communication for example. The PIP is NOT a generic, online questionnaire. It is conducted face to face, using traditional communication getting genuine results.

Stage 2- Embrace and plan

The PIP can produce unexpected results both in a positive and negative sense. So it is therefore important to take time to understand, acknowledge and embrace the results. We will then plan how the leader will continually develop areas of strength, whilst identifying and addressing areas of weakness. Our simple goal setting strategy is built on real life experiences, NLP and sport psychology.

Stage 3- Implement and grow

The PIP will help provide the leader with a clear vision and we will then support the leader to achieving the long term goals. The challenge is persistence, with over 15 years’ experience taking on the challenges of professional sport we are ideally placed to guide the leader through this period.

Stage 4- Review and succeed.

The PIP is conducted again at the end of the programme where we believe the results will have improved.

Make a positive step – and get in touch to find out more about the
Positive Impact Profile today.

Leadership Development Program

A leadership development program designed specifically for emerging and future leaders within your business or teams. Personal real life experiences, Psychology and crucially learning from other elite athletes and personnel provide the tools for my 5 step process to leadership development.

My program

1  Raise awareness of your personal identity- Key points covered;

  • Critical experiences
  • Motivation
  • Resilience

2- Understanding the responsibilities in greater detail- Key points covered;

  • Role clarity
  • Culture
  • Communication

3- Creating an honest environment that learns from losing as well as celebrating winning- Key points covered;

  • Honesty
  • Mindset
  • Trust

4- How communication has changed and what’s needed to engage with our teams- Key points covered;

  • Consequences of good and bad communication
  • Trust
  • Consistent behaviors

5- Creating and understanding the components of winning culture-  Key points covered;

  • Behaviors
  • Goal setting
  • Consistency

 In-house Leadership workshops – at your business

 I use sport as the backbone, combined with my learning in Neuro Linguistic Programmes and Sport Psychology, as well as time spent with other leaders and teams to raise awareness and develop understanding of modern day leadership.


The workshop is designed for your less experienced and emerging leaders. It is a hands on, interactive session that can be run over a half or full day at either your own location or at a choice of various Cotswold locations.


Emerging leaders workshop, Starting at £750 + VAT (up to 12 delegates)

 Open Leadership workshops

My next events

20/2/18 Manor by the Lake, Cheltenham – featuring special guest Mel Nicholls, Great Britain Paralympian and medal winning athlete

A workshop designed to raise self-awareness & broaden the understanding of leadership.



‘Alex delivered a very enjoyable and inspirational session for our managers at our annual conference. It was a great way of reinforcing some key messages and having these put across by someone external to our organisation added much more impact than we could have achieved ourselves. There are lots of parallels between sport and industry when it comes to leadership and this came across loud and clear.’

– Lindsey Young – Director of Clarkson Evans


‘Alex was first class, he got everyone in the room thinking and the energy in the session was great. Thank you.’

– Julian Hilton- Regional Managing Director Jelf Insurance.


‘The experiences Alex shares resonated deeply with the team. The crossover to business was clear. He helped unpick situations and bring some clarity to ways we could maximise future performance’

– Suzanne Hall Gibbins- Director Circle2Success LTD

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